Hannity: Mueller Probe ‘Must Be Disbanded Immediately’ — Manafort, Flynn Charges Should Be Dropped.

Friday on his primetime Fox News Channel program, Sean Hannity argued that given the revelations of a House Intelligence Committee memo showing possible wrongdoing by the Department of Justice and the FBI, special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, which he called a “witch hunt,” should be “disbanded immediately.”

Partial transcript as follows:

The entire foundation of what we now have gone through, this mess for a year, no evidence, Trump, Russia collusion, the Special Counsel, it’s been built on lies and built on a phony fake news dossier that was funded by Hillary Clinton. Now, that the FBI then used that to target then the Trump campaign then an incoming President. Now, if this never happened, it would be no Robert Mueller.

And these revelations are so profound, this corruption so deep, it is so obvious that the Special Counsel needs to be shut down immediately and that’s not even taking into account Mueller’s massive conflicts of interest himself and how his team is filled with big Democratic donors and people like Andrew Weissmann that withhold exculpatory information in cases and gets overturned 9-0 in the Supreme Court, sends people to jail, overturned Fifth Circuit of Appeals.

Mueller’s investigation is and has been a witch-hunt from the very beginning. It’s built on a house of cards, and tonight it is crashing down. Look, if we as a country, if we care about the Constitution, if we believe in civil liberties, if we believe in those protections, then the special counsel must be disbanded immediately. And by the way, nobody else will say this, all charges against Paul Manafort and General Michael Flynn need to be dropped. It’s that simple.


Special Counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly zeroing in on the Trump administration’s handling last July of a press statement about the infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer, and Hope Hicks’s alleged role.

According to a recent report in the New York Times, Mark Corallo, a spokesman for Trump’s legal team at the time, is planning to tell the special counsel that Hicks suggested during a conference call with him and the president that the emails showing that the original purpose of the meeting was to get dirt on Hillary Clinton “will never get out.”

Hicks’ alleged suggestion could show that as she and the president crafted a press statement that said the meeting was primarily about a Russian adoption policy, she was aware that the original purpose of the meeting was to receive dirt on Clinton and concealed that from media.

Her suggestion also shows that she believed investigators would not find those emails despite requests by congressional investigators for the campaign to turn over all records related to meetings with Russians.

And according to the Times report, Hicks’ alleged suggestion hints “at an attempt to conceal the emails.”

The story noted that even if Hicks was hinting at concealing the emails from Congress, lawyers had already copied and stamped the emails for delivery to Capitol Hill. Trump Jr. also shortly thereafter released the emails to the public on his Twitter account.

And it noted that Corallo was alarmed by her comment, because “either she was being naïve or was suggesting that the emails could be withheld from investigators,” and also because she made the comment without a lawyer on the phone, which meant the conversation was not protected by attorney-client privilege.

Hicks’ lawyer Robert P. Trout aggressively denied Corallo’s allegations.

“As most reporters know, it’s not my practice to comment in response to questions from the media. But this warrants a response,” he said. “She never said that. And the idea that Hope Hicks ever suggested that emails or other documents would be concealed or destroyed is completely false.”

Some of Trump’s advisers argue that the Trump administration lying to the media about the meeting is not a crime, and that Mueller has no grounds to ask the president about the issue.


SOURCE: http://www.breitbart.com



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